Sukseskan Pajak Nasional (SPN)

Challenge : Tax Department division Jakarta khusus want to support the national campaign of "Sukseskan Pajak Nasional", their target is business people in Jakarta

Our idea : Giving away the information in fun and friendly environment , so target will remember the message , we choose primary location in  Jakarta ( the famous fountain Bunderan Hotel Indonesia) , we give away  goody bag containts leaflet , mineral water and cupcake with corporate logo on it, we use 6 (six) brand ambasador wearing striking colour blue and yellow wig (the corporate color of Tax Department) and supported by 50 Staff from Tax Department. All the participant wearing blue and yellow shirt. we also have 3 (three) banner we put sorrounding the famous fountain.

Result :
1000 leaflet , 1000 cupcakes with corporate logo on it, and 1000 goody bag are distributed to the car passing through  Bunderan HI in about 90 minutes
3 banner sorrounding the area of the fountain
50 baloon using corporate colour
 1 TV station and 3 online media boradcast the event
more than 3000 people aware of this event